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Table 1 Characteristics of the studies included in Part A

From: Patient–ventilator asynchrony, impact on clinical outcomes and effectiveness of interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First author Published year Study design Study location Number of samples Assessor Observation duration Index of patient–ventilator asynchrony
Thille 2006 Prospective observational France 62 Human 30 min Asynchrony index
de Wit 2009 Prospective observational United States 60 Human 10 min Ineffective trigger index
Hassan 2011 Prospective observational Egypt 150 Human 10 min Ineffective trigger index
Robinson 2013 Prospective observational United States 35 Human > 30 min Asynchrony index
Blanch 2015 Prospective observational Spain 50 Software From admission until liberation from ventilator or death Asynchrony index
Rolland-Debord 2017 Ancillary study of randomized controlled trial France 103 Human > 20 min Asynchrony index
Vaporidi 2017 Prospective observational Greece 110 Software 24 h Ineffective trigger index
Sousa 2020 Prospective observational Brazil 103 Software From study inclusion until liberation from ventilator Asynchrony index